Stretton Hydro Scheme to Seek Local Investment

Stretton Hydro Scheme to Seek Local Investment

Those who thought our only interest in the Carding Mill Valley stream was for duck racing can think again!  On Monday November 12 plans to launch Stretton’s first Community Co-op will be unveiled, offering local investors a chance to invest in green energy generation.

The Carding Mill stream – not just for ducks

The plans will be presented following Stretton Climate Care’s AGM (starting at 7.00pm) at the National Trust chalet in Carding Mill Valley, with speakers from the National Trust and Sharenergy, a not-for-profit organisation which helps communities find, build and own renewable energy generation.

The idea of using the power that used to run the carding mill to create green electricity is not new – you can see it on the National Trust’s ‘green thermometer’ outside the chalet – but what is new is the opportunity for local people to be part of it.  People will be be able to invest as little as £250 and up to £20,000 in the scheme with a potential return on the investment of 8% if you are a taxpayer.

The scheme will be explained in detail and you can express an interest in finding out more, investing in the scheme or becoming part of the steering group to take it forward.  There will be refreshments available free from the National Trust and the opportunity to explore the idea in depth after the presentation. We’re pretty excited about it – but then we would be, wouldn’t we?