SMART METERS… or are they!

SMART METERS… or are they!


We are told by the media that Smart Meters are comGaz-Leccying, ably assisted by Gaz and Leccy. Their frequent appearance on your T.V. screen may be either mildly amusing gazor intensely irritating. Whichever  it is however means they have been noticed.


We believe smart gas and electric meters are a good idea:

  • An end to estimated bills
  • Easier and quicker to swop suppliers
  • Easier to change from debit to credit metering and top up remotely
  • An opportunity to use energy more efficiently
  • Easier to balance demand on the grid etc. etc.

Smart meters must be offered to all homes and small businesses by 2020 but you need to be smart too!

Mark 1 meters fitted so far are not so smart so here are a few questions to ask your supplier. The answers may influence who you go to or make you wait a while before changing.

  • Are they offering Mark 1 or Mark 2 meters?
  • When will they be installed? Can you defer ‘till Mark 2 available and when will that be?
  • Are they compatible with other suppliers if you decide to change? If not will new supplier provide a Mark 2 smart meter and if so when?
  • Will an in house monitor be supplied and does it have full functions for both gas and electricity? If not, consider going to another supplier.
  • Do you live in an area where the data monitoring system works reliably?
  • Are your meters close enough to your house for the monitor to work?
  • If you have P.V. panels will the smart electricity meter work with your system?
  • Is your supplier offering a variety of different tariffs at different times / days? If so do the standing charges cost more?

Be savvy, be smart, talk to us for more information!! You need to have control of your energy, not Gaz and Leccy.