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At Last! Ludlow’s First EV Charging Station Opens

Leading children's bike manufacturer IslaBikes has made one small concession to the car market - they have installed two 6.7kW electric car charging points at their factory and showroom next to the Ludlow Food Centre at Bromfield. The news will be welcomed by EV drivers who until now had only the Church Stretton charging point between Shrewsbury ...

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After Electric Cars – It’s the Electric Plane!

You SO HAVE TO watch this (freaking) video!  Solar Impulse is a solar-powered plane - and it has already flown for over 26 hours in one go to prove you can get enough power from the sun to fly through the night. Right now it's on its way round the world.  All of which is pretty cool, although we ...

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It’s another ‘Keep on Burning’ Budget

We were hoping (although frankly not expecting) the budget might have included something to support the growth of low-carbon industry and other measures to respond to climate change. In fact the Chancellor made no mention whatever of climate change. Instead there was a large package of support for the fossil fuel sector. Mr Osborne announced a further £1.3 billion in ...

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At Last- An electric car at Llanisolar!

Llani Solar and Biomass invited us to their Open Day on March 16 to show off an electric car and use their Zero Carbon World electric car charging station.  As both these organisations are friends of ours we trundled along.. and the good folk of Llanidloes were really very interested... Local college students who were providing the hospitality ...

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Up to £5,600 Free – but for One Week Only (probably)

FROM 16 March, the government is offering a huge cash giveaway to anyone who is going to make their home more energy efficient.  Money-saving expert Martin Lewis reckons the £70 million will go in a week as last time the £30m on offer went in a day. Click here to find out more.. £5,600 sounds nice. What's it ...

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Stretton is Electric Car Capital of Shropshire

Church Stretton's electric vehicle charging point is well on its way to saving its first tonne of CO2 and so far has provided over 3,000 miles of zero carbon motoring for its users.  So far, 28 different cars have visited the charging station, recharging a total of 137 times and drawing just under 760 kWh from the Co-op's ...

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