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Who we are

Who we are

Think Global, Act Local – A Community Action Group in it for the Long Haul..

(Charity no 1159816)

We are a Registered Charity that helps people to become more energy efficient, save money and reduce their carbon emissions.

House destroyed by flooding
Ludlow 2005 – the moment a flash flood took out a bridge and a home

Climate Change is real, happening right now, even in the UK; and it is a huge challenge. We know that this is a global problem and will only be solved by global action, but it is important to be active locally. Government should be leading the way (so we’ve also got involved nationally), but it is also up to individuals to reduce their carbon emissions and tread more lightly on our beautiful world

Our Members

Our existence, and our activity, depends entirely on our membership. Most of us live in or fairly near Church Stretton, but we are in touch with friends as far afield as Japan, Canada, the USA and Luton.

All our volunteers are members (though not all members are volunteers!) and we offer training appropriate to whatever they do. If required, we arrange for DBS clearance

Meet the Team

David Howard - Chairman

As a one-time Head of a large Upper School, David is used to chairing lively discussions, as well as encouraging and promoting good ideas. When not immersed in local community activities, including driving for Ring and Ride, David practises reflection and gains a sense of equilibrium while working hard in his garden or on his allotment.

Jamie Wrench - Vice-chair

Vice-chair Jamie Wrench hosts workshops and shares our experiences with other eco-nerds around the county and the country. He is also depressingly knowledgeable about electric cars and charging infrastructures.

Jon Cooke - Publicity Officer

Our Publicity Officer Jon Cooke was our founder chairman and still is one of our main driving forces. He ensures the media know what we are up to. He joins us after a career in education, where he ended up as a primary head teacher.

Mike Hymas -Secretary

Mike Hymas, our tireless Secretary, spends a large amount of time reading and responding to government consultation documents on our behalf and makes sure we do all the right things at the right time.

Chris George -Treasurer

Our Treasurer, Chris George, has followed a career in banking by looking after our money. He produces the accounts within a month of the end of the financial year - so is up for the title of Fastest Chequebook in the West.

Mike Bourke - Executive Member

Mike Bourke, Former Bishop of Wolverhampton, is one of our leading home energy auditors and co-compiler of our best-selling cookery book. He also has some very useful contacts (in this world and beyond!)

Jane Wrench - Executive Member

Jane Wrench has been a Trustee since we started, is Assistant Treasurer and looked after our database. She also ensures our vice-chairman has all his papers and holds the diary!

Sam Jones - Executive Member

Sam Jones works with both primary and secondary age students across South Shropshire and is passionate about encouraging and involving them in creating a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She is equally enthusiastic about running her herd of traditional rare-breed pigs and working donkeys.

Steve Jones - Executive Member

Steve Jones is a Mechanical Engineer with a background in power generation, renewable energy and energy conservation. He has an MSc in Renewable Energy in the Built Environment and has worked as a policy advisor in the Dept of Energy and Climate Change. His interests lie in developing practical and technical solutions to problems.

Executive member

We currently have a vacancy for a trustee. If you would like to get involved in our work we could do with your efforts! Get in touch by phone or email or speak to any of us
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Support and Donations

Donating to Stretton Climate Care is easy and won’t cost you a penny to support our planet.
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Stretton Climate Care Events

Stretton Climate Care host regular local event for all the family.