More Climate Records Broken…

More Climate Records Broken…

Climate Records have tumbled in 2016 in all the wrong ways

1. More frequent extremes of rainfall.

In 2016 there were  four major storms in North America with an “annual exceedance probability” of one in 500 years. Our gradually warming atmosphere can hold more moisture, and as predicted we are seeing more frequent extremes of rainfall.

2. Carbon dioxide levels pass 400ppm.

In September, carbon dioxide in our atmosphere stayed above the 400 ppm mark. It’s unheard of that carbon dioxide levels remain this extreme during September when yearly atmospheric CO2 level minimums are usual.  Scientists now warn this could be the first time that the whole year is over 400 ppm.

3. Artic sea ice is melting faster than ever.

The average extent of Arctic sea ice for every month has significantly dropped since 1978, when monitoring began. In addition to helping regulate Earth’s temperature, northern sea ice impacts Arctic communities, ecosystems, and the circulation of the ocean.

4. Warmest August (and September) on record.

August was record hot — and there’s a 99% chance 2016 will be the hottest year on record. That’s the 16th record in succession – and the last 36 YEARS have all been above the previous average

5. Warmest year ever?

2016 is again on track to be hottest year on record, as temperatures hit new highs in the first 9 months. La Nina should cool things next year, but who knows?