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Campaigns and Projects

Campaigns and Projects

Climate Care DemonstrationUnderstanding Climate Change and its Implications
We launched a new display and slide show running on our web site in early March 2016. Download our slide showScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 21.09.45We also offer talks to go with the presentation, and others including quite light-hearted ones!  Contact us if you’d like us to come and talk to your organisation or group
Supporting suitable developments that will reduce our impact on climate change.
We supported the proposed solar farm near Acton Scott which will provide green electricity for about 1400 households. We went to the Planning Committee to explain our support. Although it was refused permission against the advice of officers, we supported the appeal and this has been allowed by the Planning Inspectorate. We also sought and achieved changes to the design of the Leisure Centre to reduce its carbon emissions and gained a virtually free makeover for the Town Council offices.
Responding to national and local consultations on climate change related issues.
We urged the government not to scrap the support for the installation of solar photo-voltaic panels. The government did decide to savagely reduce the support but as not as much as was planned.
Improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in Church Stretton.
We supported the proposals to improve pedestrian footways in High street and provide more bicycle parking. These modes of transport do not impact on climate change and should be encouraged. We were disappointed the proposals in High Street were abandoned and would like to see Shropshire Council bring forward consultations on new proposals.
Campaigning for a better electric Vehicle Charging Network In Shropshire.
Our call for this vital infrastructure which is notably lacking in Shropshire compared to almost everywhere else has been supported by our MP, Philip Dunne. We are pleased that an additional Charge point has recently been installed off Dobby’s island but the lack of provision is scandalous for an area where air pollution from vehicles in Shrewsbury is exceeding legal guidelines and the government are seeking to encourage low emission vehicles.
Social media
We uses social media to communicate our concerns and publicise issues relating to climate change
Raising concerns with elected representatives on climate change issues.
We have expressed concern to Philip Dunne that the UK will miss its internationally agreed target to gain 20% of its energy (all types) from renewable sources by 2020 as a result of multiple cuts made by the the government in the last year
We promote Climate Change week
We do this by annually offering literature and advice at the Mid Counties Cooperative store.

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