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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

All you want to know or say about low emission vehicles.

Hyundai Ioniq All Electric

Each year we host an electric vehicle day – you can come along and find out more about electric vehicles, quiz our team and see our very own electric cars.

Smart All electric 2+2

Read more about our electric vehicle days

2019 Car of the Year Kia eNiro – 280 mile range

We are experts in electric cars – many of our members drive their very own electric car so we really do know our stuff and have experienced it all ourselves. If you are interested in learning more about electric cars, the benefits, the positives and the negatives then our electric car day is for you.

Nissan LEAF 2.0 – range up to 220 miles

Electric cars have really made their mark in the last few years. They are becoming more affordable, charging points are more accessible and the battery life of the cars themselves is improving.

Come along to our next electric car day here in Church Stretton.

Cool looks – and this Tesla drives itself..


John Bacon. says

Excellent looking web site. My comments are minor. Many websites have the menu appear along the top or down the side rather than having to see and click on the button. But perhaps the button keeps it cleaner. Don't be disappointed that people don't use the website repeatedly. In my experience people go to it the first time they hear of an organisation to get the low down and after that its only when you have something new to show they may be persuaded to look again. That's human nature. But its essential to have the website so really good. John B

Jon says

Thanks John. Good to have a bit of encouragement .

Ecowarrior says

BMW , Nissan, Mitsibushi and Renault have already booked spaces for displaying their latest electric / plug in hybrid cars at our E.V. day on 10th September, and we are still in discussion with some other manufacturers. Nissan and BMW have announced increased battery range for their all electric cars. There was never a better time to consider going electric, cutting your travel pollution and enjoying the low running costs and excellent performance of an electric car. Talk to us about going electric, a number of our members have 1,000's of miles of experience to be able to give you unbiased advice.

Simon says

I think you're missing a trick by focussing on cars. Electric/hybrid cars don't solve all the problems - they don't help with congestion (which is a major contributor to pollution, you're still making the queue longer regardless of your fuel type), parking issues or road safety. The cost is prohibitive for many people and they require dedicated charging points.

Electric-assist bicycles are a huge growth area - why don't you ask Dave Mellor Cycles in Shrewsbury whether they would like to attend the event and broaden its appeal?

Electric scooters bring a number of similar benefits and needn't be confined to city centres. Look at what's happening in Paris:
Robert Llewellyn took a ride aboard a Vmoto scooter and loved it. It was the first time he'd ridden a scooter of any kind. His video review certainly got me contemplating it as a realistic option:

Two- and three-wheeled vehicles could be a solution for many present 2-car household where one vehicles is used infrequently for shorter journeys and may spend 95% or more of the time parked on the driveway or outside a place of work. If you really care about the climate, the environment and transport solutions then you really need to think beyond cars as the sole (or main) method of getting from A to B and back.


Great to find a organisation offering to help others and share ideas. We run a green guesthouse with 3 EV points since 2012 all fed on green renewable elec. More than welcome to a free trip around our award winning 1883 carbon neutral business. Yes we will charge type1, type 2 and tesla that come.

Sara says

We spoke with Jon Cook and we are bringing our Kia Soul EV on 10th Sept if that is ok with you. Let me know what time it starts/finishes so we can sort out the kiddies.

Simon says

As I've said before, I hope that you will broaden your event to cover alternatives to cars.
As per the Friends of the Earth policy statement in February 2019:

"Even a very rapid switch to electric cars will not reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough. In addition, traffic levels need to be reduced by at least 20%."
Lots more at

Modern car tyres are almost 50% plastic. Tyre wear and other contributors to air pollution were discussed in Channel 4's Dispatches programme that aired on 10 June 2019. If you continue to promote electric cars and ignore other options I will have to conclude that you have no real interest in climate, air quality or public health and are merely a promotional puppet for car manufacturers.

Jeff Fairbotham says

Based in Appleton Thorn, Zoom has recently launched a number of initiatives to aid the transition to EVs and benefit existing owners. We have an insurance policy with EV wording that has just been launched, a sustainable mobility bundle which gives discounts of up to £250 on charging, parking, home charging and home energy, and will shortly be launching a sharing platform for EV so owners can share their vehicles to generate a revenue when they are not in use (a bit like Airbnb for EV). We also give 10% of our profits to reduce plastic in the oceans - Have a look on

Brian Dee says

Driven to disaster: The major flaw in Labour’s Green New Deal plans

This outlines the many problems with the idea that electric cars are the solution.

Tnr e-vehicles says

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