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Autumn Lecture and AGM – Methodist Church

Autumn Lecture and AGM – Methodist Church

Helen Taylor, Ecotricity Ambassador will join us to talk about this exciting, rather different company and its plans for a greener future.


Helen @ EcotricityHelen joined Ecotricity five years ago, having worked for a number of food businesses, in Technical Management roles, followed by eleven years at the Soil Association. Here she oversaw the certification of organic food and Business Development. She later became the charity’s Marketing and Events Director and then Head of Fundraising.


Passionate about sustainability and keen to continue to learn, she joined Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, to immerse herself in a burgeoning green energy world, in 2010!


Her mission is help connect more people with the business and what it stands for. Ever busy, she manages: the company’s Green Britain Foundation (charity); the Green Britain Education programme, and oversees the running of the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham, Norfolk. She also works closely with Ecotricity’s partnerships team to support  partners’ campaigns, takes care of sponsorship activities and runs customer and company events.


About Ecotricity 


Ecotricity was founded by Dale Vince in 1995, as the World’s first Green Electricity company. We’re currently supplying 100% green Electricity and Gas to just over 160,000 homes and 10,000 businesses, from our fleet of 60 windmills and one Sunpark. And operate a not-for-dividend approach, which we describe as ‘bills into mills’ business model. Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire the company employs 700 people and runs the football club, Forest Green Rovers FC –the greenest football club in the World!



Ecowarrior says

Great talk by Helen Taylor - really passionate about the innovative Ecotricity. A not for profit energy company - well that makes a change - did anyone hear this morning on the Today Programme that someone recons the energy companies are making a lot more profit that they admit to. Any profit Ecotricity makes goes back into more renewable energy projects and not the shareholders. Ah mustn't forget the Co-op and Ebico who are also not driven by the shareholders.

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