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Electric Vehicle Day – this popular event will be rescheduled

Electric Vehicle Day – this popular event will be rescheduled

Our Electric Car day planned for Saturday 6th June has of course had to be cancelled and car dealerships have only reopened today, 1st June. Several dealerships were organised to bring along their electric models – our Electric cars page gives you links to more information for each model.

Electric cars have amazing performance and cost less than a quarter of the cost of a petrol car to run, (3 to 4 pence per mile, cheaper servicing and few moving and working parts to go wrong). Each month there seem to be more new models coming on stream and battery range continues to improve. In the past, lack of range has been one of the main concerns. That and initial cost, but the higher cost needs to be offset by the considerably lower running costs. Lack of charging points and the time it takes to recharge have also been high on potential customers concerns BUT this is also improving. There are now many more recharging points than petrol / diesel fuel stations and the speed at which newer models can recharge has also greatly improved.


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