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Food for a Healthy Planet

Food for a Healthy Planet

We will be rescheduling this event.

One thing which the coronavirus emergency demonstrates is that we can change our lifestyles if we really have to. So let’s use the situation to make the changes and learn the skills which we can continue to apply to the ongoing climate emergency when things return to so-called ‘normality’. This was the plan for the May 2020

The evening will start with a talk by Grant Wilson of the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, followed by ten-minute sessions at each of four stalls:

(1) Vegan and vegetarian course – Peter Lawley from Myriad Organics, Ludlow

(2) Grow your own organic food – Shropshire Organic Gardeners

(3) Food miles and eating seasonally -Trish Dockerty of Local to Ludlow

(4) Eating real food for health – Christine Dunne: Christine supports the CS Medical Practice by providing a drop-in session every Friday in the adjacent Health and Wellbeing Centre.

The evening will end with a Panel discussion.


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