Plastic – Free Picnic

Plastic – Free Picnic

This is THE Challenge! Can you organise yourself to come to a picnic with NO single use plastic anywhere in it? This is one where your children are probably better informed than you are, so get those little people involved!

WHEN?                    Saturday 24th August 12.00 – 15.00

WHERE ?                 Rectory Field (behind the Scout hut in Church Street.)

WHY ?                      First – picnics can be fun!

Second – the picnic is a challenge to you – can you make a “single use plastic free picnic” to bring and eat in delightful surroundings in the company of like-minded folk who care about the environment?  So no cling film, no non bio degradable crisp bags, single use plastic bags, no single use pots etc. etc.

WHAT?                     We will have a special display by Veolia our local waste management operator, other displays about the scourge of single use plastic, some recycling challenges and some games for all ages.  Competitions will include making your own paper aeroplane with a prize for the one that goes furthest, and another chance to win chocolate by proving what a Smartie you are.

For those interested in composting (and who isn’t?) we shall have a Master Composter to advise on how to help things rot down sustainably.  And for those who are increasingly uneasy about plastic bottles there’s an opportunity to go back to the good old days of glass thanks to local farmers Tristan and Jaci Dale launching their Proper Good Dairy  milk vending service:

ALSO…                   We invite you to bring along your ideas on how to live a more sustainable life without plastic…. Perhaps bamboo mugs and plates, toothpaste but not in a plastic tube, bamboo tooth brushes with natural bristles, examples of refillable products, a Guppy Bag (do you know that this is?) Bring these ideas along to share with others.

We are organising this to help the community become more aware that there are alternatives to single use plastic.

Do you know which local shops are increasingly selling produce without plastic….. do you know the nearest source of toilet cleaner, hair shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid etc. etc.  in refillable bottles?  Where you can buy  pasta, bombay mix, coffee beans, curry powder, nails in assorted sizes, bacon and lamb chops without plastic. We will have the information at the picnic. Do you know which of our local shops only use paper bags, offer recycling facilities for cast off shoes, use compostable takeaway cutlery? The list is surprising long and there will be an opportunity for you to add to the information we have gathered.

See you there!

Download this poster and share it!  Plastic free picnic 8.19


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