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Electric Car Display Saturday 20th September.

Following the official commissioning of Shropshire’s first and only truly publically accessible 24/7 electric car charging point in the car park beside the Co-op, Stretton Climate Care are organising a display of Electric Cars on Saturday 20th September from 9.00 – 4.00pm. With support from BMW and Greenhous dealerships we hope to have on display the new BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Vauxhall Ampera and several battery hybrid models from Toyota. There may also be a chance for members of the public to have a ride in a couple of the models.
The car park to the right of the Co-op (where the new charging post is situated) has been hired for the day so will be closed to the public with the exception of those wishing to charge their cars.

The running costs of an electric car are something like 1/10 those of an internal combustion engined vehicle, produce no carbon or diesel particulate emissions and if charged on green electricity use no carbon emissions when charging. It is also likely that the government will again in the autumn be offering free charging points for domestic households, even if they don’t yet have an electric vehicle.

Within a few years’ time it is estimated 10% of cars on the road will be electric – especially as the charging infrastructure improves. Most motorway services now have charging points and many local authorities are adding them to public car parks. It is a pity Shropshire was not successful in their bid for Government money to install some chargers around the county. Still never mind, Church Stretton is leading the way. Two charging facilities, one in Lion Meadow Car Park and one at Burway Garage on the Mynd Trading Estate. Come and see us on the 20th.

Stretton Climate Care


ecowarrior says

Dairy date: Saturday 20th September. Our next electric car day is well advanced in the planning. A Nissan Leaf, the very new BMW i3 to name but two will be there for you to see and ask questions about. We are also talking with Renault, Ford and V.W. who we hope will bring their latest electric cars along. We will organise some test rides. Keep watching our website for the latest news on this exciting, low / zero carbon form of transport.

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