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Some websites of interest

Please note that these sites are not under the control of Stretton Climate Care. The links are posted because we believe that they are of interest. We do not necessarily endorse every opinion posted on a website.

Shropshire Climate Action Conference

Zero Carbon Shropshire

The overall objective of both organisations is to achieve net zero carbon Shropshire by 2030.

Local climate care groups:

Kington Local Energy & Environment Network

Lightfoot – Bishop’s Castle


Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth

Sustainable Bridgnorth

Sustainable Newport (previously Newport 21)

Transition Town Shrewsbury


The Environment network of local groups in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin promoting communication and education on the subjects of Climate Change and Sustainable Living. Well worth taking a look at their page of links GSX Useful Links

Marches Energy Agency

An independent regional charity employing advisers and working with several Councils in the Midlands. Their overriding objective is to support householders by delivering practical solutions. There are over 75,000 households struggling to stay warm in the areas supported, and with partners, they are working to reduce fuel poverty and cold homes, promote energy reduction and encourage the uptake of renewable energy.

National Resources

Save Energy, Save Money

We have a team of advisers and technical specialists, on standby, to help you implement meaningful change and achieve serious savings – an average of 24% on energy bills. We offer free, impartial support to small and medium-sized Scottish businesses providing; 

  • A free energy opportunities assessment, at your convenience, to identify where and how savings can be made;
  • A comprehensive report – written for you, highlighting key actions you can take now, at no cost, and signposting major changes, and how to access support, further advice and financing.

Whether you are just starting out on your energy planning and reduction journey, or have already made progress, we offer a free, accommodating service that will support you every step of the way.

What Zero Waste Scotland can offer community groups

Zero Waste Scotland recognises that behaviour change on issues around waste can often be most effectively achieved through community engagement at a local level … supports the work of community groups through our Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme funded by Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support projects involving waste and circular economy activities, or installation of energy efficient measures in community-owned buildings.

The Passivhaus Trust

The Passivhaus Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation that provides leadership in the UK for the adoption of the Passivhaus standard and methodology. Passivhaus is the leading international low energy, design standard. Over 65,000 buildings have been designed, built and tested to this standard worldwide.

The Trust aims to promote Passivhaus as a highly effective way of providing high standards of occupant comfort and health as well as reducing energy use and carbon emissions from buildings in the UK.

Centre for Sustainable Energy

The Resources page of this independent national charity, sharing knowledge and experience to help people change the way they think and act on energy.

Transport for New Homes

We believe that everyone should have access to attractive housing, located and designed to ensure that people do not need to use or own cars to live a full life. We therefore support new housing that promotes walking, cycling and public transport and avoids dependence on cars. Equally, we oppose developments that will not achieve this outcome.

Office for Low Emission Vehicles

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) a cross-party government team, supporting the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). We are providing over £900 million to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use. This will contribute to economic growth and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads.

Green Schools Project

Mission: To enable young people to fulfil their potential by providing resources and support to schools to engage them in environmental projects, building their skills and aspirations while encouraging them, their community and wider society to live in a more sustainable way.

Speaking up for rural communities

ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) is the national voice for our 38 member organisations who make up the country’s largest rural network. Together, we reach 52,000 grassroots organisations in 11,000 rural communities.

Closer to Home

Sustainability West Midlands

Localise West Midlands (LWM) are a not-for-profit campaign group, think tank and consultancy, promoting a more localised approach to supply chains, money flow and decision-making in order to form a more just and sustainable economy.

The Connexus Warmer Homes Project

Thirty two of our houses (plus some additional flats) in Herefordshire and 80 homes in Shropshire will be fitted with high-quality external wall insulation, limiting heat loss and helping the home to be more comfortable to live in.  Effectively insulating a home while ensuring proper ventilation also limits the effects of condensation and damp, which can be an all-too-common concern in rural homes.

Herefordshire Green Network

An alliance of local green, environmental and Transition Town groups, activists, environmental organisations & businesses, local community groups, town and parish councils and interested individuals. See their collaborative work with Hereford Council The Great Collaboration: leading to a zero carbon Herefordshire, which has a good Resources page.

Herefordshire New Leaf

A small charitable co-op, whose aim is to promote sustainable living in Herefordshire and beyond, working to reduce Herefordshire’s carbon footprint.

Climate Research activity

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

The Tyndall Centre is a unique partnership between the universities of East Anglia (Headquarters), Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex and Fudan University in Shanghai. Founded in 2000 to conduct cutting edge, interdisciplinary research, and provide a conduit between scientists and policymakers. With nearly 200 members ranging from PhD researchers to Professors, the Tyndall Centre represents a substantial body of the UK’s climate change expertise from across the scientific, engineering, social science and economic communities.

County-wide Climate Emergency Groups

Carbon Neutral Cornwall 2030 Hive

The Carbon Neutral Cornwall ‘Hive’ is Cornwall’s new online resource to help you find out what other people are doing to help tackle climate change, and where you can share your own ideas, and information about your carbon neutral projects and activities.

Meet the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership

An exciting and ambitious new programme will soon be under way aiming to make Cumbria the first carbon-neutral county in the UK. Thanks to a £2.5 million grant from the National Lottery Climate Action Fund, a five-year programme of events and activities will start in January 2021, led by the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership.

Zero Carbon Yorkshire

A not for profit organisation developing a good carbon practice network. We support people, groups and organisations in the region to reduce their carbon footprints. Our aim is to bring together Yorkshire communities to co-produce a roadmap for a climate-smart, successful, sustainable and resilient county; making Yorkshire a leading light in the fight against climate change. Our objectives are to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment by building a Yorkshire-wide movement committed to transitioning the Yorkshire region towards zero-carbon, in a way that is socially and economically just.

Community Energy Groups

Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE)

STCE is being set up as a Community Benefit Society to develop and own community energy projects in Shropshire and Telford. One of the first projects that STCE are looking at, is the Twemlows Solar Farm near Whitchurch.  This 10MW scheme was built in 2015 using private finance but is now looking for a new home in the community sector.

Pomona Solar Co-operative

Pomona Solar Co-operative is harnessing the power of the sun for the benefit of people in Herefordshire.

Big Solar Co-op

The Big Solar Co-op is a new approach to subsidy-free community solar from the ground up, supported by Sharenergy. We’re working with community solar groups across the UK on an approach which:

  • Makes solar viable on a huge range of sites even in the absence of Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)
  • Empowers and supports volunteers to work together to get it built
  • Works towards the alleviation of climate change through large-scale, grassroots community action

Bath & West Community Energy

BWCE is a not for profit community benefit society, owned and run by our members for the benefit of the community. Our vision is for a local area able to supply decreasing local energy demand with increasing generation from renewable energy, driven by collective action and community ownership. Our focus has been on developing clean local energy, community-owned for the common good.

CREW Energy

CREW Energy is a not-for-profit cooperative made up of south-west Londoners who care about making this corner of London a more resilient and sustainable community. By helping community groups and individuals across the boroughs of Wandsworth, Merton and Lambeth access low-carbon solutions, our volunteers are helping to reduce the carbon emissions of the capital.

SELCE (South East London Community Energy Ltd)

Since 2010, community groups all over the country have started to take a different approach when it comes  generating energy. The Community Energy England website reveals the huge benefits that these projects that not only generate their own energy but control how it is used as well. To accelerate the transition to a sustainable future in SE London, we formed Selce as a co-operative for the benefit of the community.

Land and Biodiversity

Middle Marches Community Land Trust

We are a community-led Trust based in the Middle Marches committed to the promotion and development of sustainable and environmentally responsible agriculture that supports a thriving natural world. Our Vision is to help create an ecologically healthy and sustainable countryside in the hills of the Middle Marches to inspire both residents and visitors.

The Shropshire Hills contain two large upland nature reserves, the Long Mynd, owned and managed by the National Trust and the Stiperstones, owned and managed by Natural England. The two organisations decided together that there was a good opportunity to establish a project to create linkages between the two sites which, together with improved management, would help make them bigger, better and joined – key aspirations for improving England’s network of protected sites.

The project is called ‘Stepping Stones’ (see below).

Stepping Stones Project

Stepping Stones is a National Trust-led programme of landscape-scale environmental projects in the Shropshire Hills. Their 50-year vision is for natural habitats in the Shropshire Hills to be restored, healthy and connected, and for the people who live, work and play in this remarkable area to understand and support our efforts.

Slow the Flow

Shropshire Wildlife Trust project: Natural flood management to reduce the downstream maximum water height of a flood (the flood peak) or to delay the arrival of the flood peak downstream, increasing the time available to prepare for floods. The myriad Slow the Flow items work together, helping to reduce flow rate in the valley, under storm events. This is achieved by restricting the progress of water through a catchment in 3 ways:

  1. Increasing soil infiltration and allowing water to soak away.
  2. Storing water by using natural features such as ponds, ditches or low lying land or by creating new ponds and areas to store water.
  3. Slowing water by increasing resistance to flow. For example, by planting trees on the floodplain or constructing “leaky dams” in channels.

Marches Meadow Group

A small, enthusiastic group of local smallholders living in the Stiperstones and Cordon Hill area of the Welsh Marches, who are interested in the the management and conservation of wildflower rich hay meadows.

Herefordshire Meadows

An informal network of meadow owners managing and conserving flower rich grassland … 61 Herefordshire Meadows members are now supported by Natural England as a Facilitation Fund Group. We work collaboratively across the whole of the Herefordshire landscape holding events and discussions on how to manage, create and restore meadows to benefit wildlife, soil and water quality, historic features, natural flood management and livestock farming businesses.

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