Information sheets, handouts, papers

Information sheets, handouts, papers


Green Homes Grant

The Government Green Homes Grant website is still accessible and advises:

Applications to the Green Homes Grant scheme are closed.
If you applied for a voucher before 5pm on 31 March 2021, your application will still be processed. We will be in touch to confirm if your application is successful.
If you have already been issued a voucher, you can still use it to get the work done. You should redeem your voucher before it expires.

Our MP, Philip Dunne, led a debate in the House of Commons on what should happen next, urging the Government to work closely with the industry when developing any successor scheme to ensure it has the confidence of the industry and consumers..

Stretton Climate Care will be pleased to provide assistance and answer any queries you may have. Call us on : 07528 493181 or e-mail [email protected].

Stretton Climate Care Information sheets

No. 1 What are CFL’s revised Aug 2020

No. 2 Low Energy and LED values revised Feb 2015

No. 4 What do we do about Plastic revised Aug 2021

No. 5 Reading Gas Meters revised Aug 2020

No. 6 CFL’s, sensors, time clocks and dimmer switches revised Aug 20

No. 7 Small businesses energy advice revised Aug 20

No. 8 Renewables revised Aug 2020

No. 9 MR16 12v LED transformer issues revised Aug 2020

No. 11 Climate Sceptics revised Aug 2020

No. 12 Solid wall insulation Nov 2020

No. 13 Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Heat payments revised Mar 2019

No. 14 Fuel Poverty Nov 2020

No. 15 Signs of Fuel Poverty revised Aug 2020

No. 16 Water saving tips revised Oct 2020

No. 17 Off Peak Tariffs revised Mar 2019

No. 18 Heating hot water from P.V. Export doc

No. 19 Top energy saving tips Nov 2020

No. 21 Electrical appliance consumption ratings Dec 2015

No. 22 Affordable Warmth help check list revised Jan 2018

No. 23 Smart Meter Summary Jan 2019

No. 24 LED’s and possible radio interference revised Aug 2020

No. 25 Energy tariff information – domestic – business Jan 2018

No. 26 Home Battery Storage Jan 2018

No. 27 Heat Pumps Jan 2021

No. 28 Electric cars Dec 2020

No. 29 Is your energy supplier really that green May 2020

No. 30 Cutting down on plastic Window sticker

No. 31 Welcome to your new home revised Aug 2021

No. 32 Simple guide to retro fitting our homes revised Aug 2021

No. 33 Energy Performance Certificates Aug 2021

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