Information sheets, handouts, papers

Information sheets, handouts, papers

The Government BOILER UPGRADE SCHEME (BUS) launched on 23rd May 2022, now offering up to £7,500 to replace gas and oil boilers and direct electrical heating systems with a heat pump. In some circumstances Biomass boilers are also eligible. See information sheet No. 35 below for full details.

Stretton Climate Care will be pleased to provide assistance and answer any queries you may have. Call us on 07528 493181 or email [email protected].

Stretton Climate Care Information sheets

No. 1 Compact Fluorescent Lights, updated August 2020

No. 2 Bulb comparison wattages, February 2015

No. 4 What to do about plastic, updated July 2023

No. 5 Reading Gas Meters, November 2017

No. 6 Low energy light bulbs sensors, timers and dimmer switches, October 2015

No. 7 Small Business Energy Saving Advice, updated March 2023

No. 8 Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic Panels sales and cold calling, updated March 2023

No. 9 MR16 12V LED transformer issues, November 2015

No. 10 Home Energy Information, June 2015

No. 11 Climate Sceptics, updated August 2020

No. 12 Solid wall Insulation, November 2020

No. 13 Smart Export Guarantee Feed in Tariff Scheme, updated March 2023

No. 14 Fuel Poverty, November 2020

No. 15 Signs of Fuel Poverty, updated August 2020

No. 16 Water Saving advice, October 2020

No. 17 Off Peak tariffs, updated July 2023

No. 19 Top energy saving tips, updated November 2021

No. 21 Appliance Energy Rating, October 2022

No. 22 Affordable Warmth Check List, January 2018

No. 23 Smart meters, updated July 2023

No. 24 LED’s and possible radio interference revised Aug 2020

No. 25 Energy tariff information – domestic – business Jan 2018

No. 26 Home Battery Storage March 2023

No. 27 Heat Pumps, January 2021

No. 28 Electric Cars, updated March 2023

No. 29 How Green is your energy supplier, May 2020

No. 30 Cutting down on plastic Window sticker

No. 31 Welcome to your new home, updated August 2021

No. 32 Retrofitting, updated July 2022

No. 33 Energy Performance Certificates, Updated September 2023

No. 34 Electric Boilers, October 2022

No. 35 Boiler Upgrade Scheme, revised 25 September 2023

No. 36 Smart Energy control systems, October 2022

No. 37 Running a gas boiler efficiently, January 2023

No. 38 Asbestos in the home, October 2022

No. 39 Building Resilience into our homes, October 2022

No. 40 Demand Flexibility

No. 41 Thermal Imaging, August 2023

No. 42 Questions to ask your PV installer, August 2023

No. 43 Questions to ask a Heat Pump Installer

No. 44 Eco Grants

No. 45 Great British Insulation Scheme


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