Reports and articles

Reports and articles

Please note that the following reports and articles are not under the control of Stretton Climate Care. We believe that they are of interest. We do not necessarily endorse every opinion in an external publication.

October 2021 Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener

22 September 2021 Major transport infrastructure projects. Second Report of Session 2021–22. Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report. Transport Committee.

14 September 2021 The Chatham House Climate change risk assessment 2021

7 August 2021 IPCC, 2021: Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

28 July 2021 Zero emission vehicles. First Report of Session 2021–22. Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report. Transport Committee.

14 July 2021 Decarbonising Transport: A Better, Greener Britain.

14 July 2021 The Green paper proposing options for a carbon dioxide (CO2) regulatory framework for all new road vehicles in the UK. This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 22 September 2021

14 July 2021 Transitioning to zero emission cars and vans: 2035 delivery plan.

14 July 2021 Electric Vehicle Smart Charging. Government response to the 2019 consultation of electric vehicle smart charging.

14 July 2021 IPPR Environmental Justice Commission Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

6 July 2021 BEIS Climate Assembly UK: where are we now?

June 2021 Progress in reducing emissions. 2021 Report to Parliament. The CCC’s annual assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions and biennial assessment of progress in adapting to climate change.

June 2021 Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk: Advice to Government. For the UK’s Third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3)

May 2021 COP26: A visual guide

May 2021 “Next steps”: Climate Action Plan for the Ludlow Constituency to reach Net Zero by 2030. South Shropshire climate Action.

28 April 2021 Options for Energy Bill Reform. PublicFirst.

22 March 2021 Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes. Fourth Report of the  Session 2019–21. Report, together with formal minutes relating to the report. Environmental Audit Committee.

1 March 2021 House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Achieving Net Zero: Forty-Sixth Report of Session 2019–21

January 2021 UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2020

December 2020 The Energy White Paper: Powering our Net Zero Future

December 2020 Shropshire Council Towards Zero Carbon. Low Carbon Projects

December 2020 The Sixth Carbon Budget The UKs path to Net Zero

December 2020 Policies for the Sixth Carbon Budget and Net Zero

December 2020 The Sixth Carbon Budget Methodology Report

1 November 2020 Books, reports for jump-starting U.S. climate action in 2021

November 2020 The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution:
Building back better, supporting green jobs, and accelerating our path to net zero

October 2020 The United States’ contribution of plastic waste to land and ocean and the UK is the second worst offender …

October 2020 Climate Change Committee Corporate and Business Plan 2020-2023

October 2020 Why the planning system needs to be at the heart of delivering the UK’s climate change targets

September 2020 Shropshire Council secures funding for electric vehicles charging trial

September 2020 You can’t always get what you want: a reflection on Climate Assembly UK’s deliberations on decarbonising passenger transport

September 2020 The path to net zero: Climate Assembly UK Full report

August 2020 Funding secured for ‘smart’ electric vehicle charging project

August 2020 Smart meter electric vehicle charging competition – winning projects

July 2020 The Sixth Carbon Budget & Welsh emissions targets Summary of responses to Call for Evidence

July 2020 Six Months on a Planet in Crisis: Greta Thunberg’s travel Diary from the U.S to Davos

July 2020 SCC Response – Future support for low carbon heat

July 2020 Department for Transport. Cycle infrastructure design. Local Transport Note 1/20.

July 2020 ‘This is not a bus plan’: Wrightbus’ Jo Bamford’s vision for catalysing the UK’s hydrogen economy

July 2020 A Green Stimulus for Housing: The macroeconomic impacts of a UK whole house retrofit programme

June 2020 Reducing UK emissions: 2020 Progress Report to Parliament

June 2020 COVID-19 can be an historic turning point in tackling the global climate crisis – Committee on Climate Care

June 2020 Notice on Changes to RHI Support and COVID-19 Response

June 2020 Environmental Audit Committee letter to Chancellor on post COVID recovery

June 2020 Electric vehicles: the future we made and problem of unmaking it

June 2020 25 year Environment Plan progress report to March 2020

March 2020 Decarbonising Transport: Setting the Challenge

May 2020 A factor of two: how the mitigation plans of ‘climate progressive’ nations fall far short of Paris-compliant pathways

May 2020 UK’s Largest Gas Replacement Project Bringing Ground Source Heating To Sunderland Apartment Blocks

May 2020 Heat- a policy chasm on the route towards net-zero | Exeter Energy Policy Group blog

February 2020 Nine ‘tipping points’ that could be triggered by climate change

2020 Climate stories that work: Six ways to change hearts and minds about climate change

December 2019 Shropshire Climate Change Strategy Framework: A Route Map to a Zero Carbon Shropshire

December 2019 Bristol net zero by 2030: the evidence base

October 2019 Behaviour change, public engagement and Net Zero. A report for the Committee on Climate Change

September 2019 IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

July 2019 Progress in preparing for climate change: 2019 Report to Parliament

July 2019 Reducing UK emissions: 2019 Progress Report to Parliament

July 2019 Shropshire Hills AONB Management Plan 2019-24

May 2019 Net Zero: The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming

March 2019 If electric cars are the answer, what was the question?

2019 Climate Change and Land: an IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems

December 2018 More than electric cars: Why we need to reduce traffic to reach carbon targets

October 2018 IPCC Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 deg C (SR15)

2018 Unlocking sustainable cities: A manifesto for real change

In 2018, delegates to COP 24, which was hosted in Katowice, Poland, adopted a comprehensive rulebook, fleshing out the operational details of the Paris Agreement.

November 2016 The Paris Agreement entered into force

December 2015 What is the Paris Agreement?

December 2015 The Paris Agreement

October 2006 The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review A landmark study.

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