For the home

We can help with home heating
We can help with home heating

We offer:

  • Impartial advice on
    • Heating
    • Insulation
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Renewable Options
  • Help with switching to cheaper and/or greener energy suppliers
  • Support and assistance for those in fuel poverty

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For the Community

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Helping our MP plug in..

We provide:

  • Advice on Electric Vehicles through our EV Days
  • Projects with schools and youth groups
  • Speakers for your organisation on climate change and its implications locally
  • Films, seminars and talks on climate related matters
  • Green Open Homes Days

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the wave3We:

  • Support local initiatives such as Acton Scott Solar Farm (now operational) and Carding Mill Valley Hydro scheme (on hold at present)
  • Respond to national and local consultations
  • Support attempts to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and move towards a low carbon community
  • Campaign for (and sponsor) a better electric vehicle charging network in Shropshire
  • Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to publicise issues and inform the public
  • Raise concerns with elected representatives such as MPs and Councillors


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Fun Things

We do fun things
We do fun things

We have BBQs, Garden parties, Quiz nights, dances etc plus…

2 Ducks were banned in 2009 for taking Helium
Two Ducks were banned in 2009 for taking Helium

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We can do more with your help. If you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch .

The Giving Machine
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Support and Donations

Donating to Stretton Climate Care is easy and won’t cost you a penny to support our planet.
The Giving Machine

Stretton Climate Care Events

Stretton Climate Care host regular local event for all the family.