Our duck race team Flash floods in Ludlow The Island of Annet in the Scillies on a clear day.   Vapour trails from aircraft leave their mark. Our very own Forest Garden All Electric: 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, Range 200+ miles Top Speed 120 New generation Electric Cars 100 mile range The Duck Races - in May every year Electric Bikes - Healthy and good for our hills MP Philip Dunne racing by pedal power
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A Message to All Those Who Oppose Solar Farms and Other Renewables

WE WERE WRONG. Global warming is actually worse than we thought AND IT NOW THREATENS ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET. Take a look at this short video and ask yourself which is more important; your view, or the future of life on earth.  We are the first generation to realise what is happening - and the last ...

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Let the People Decide!

Nissan Wins By a Single Seat in Electric Car Showdown!!

In the big Electric Car showdown in Stretton, the winner was the Nissan Leaf - by a single seat! It was another fun day at Stretton's second Electric Car Event, with the Co-op car park filled with whisper quiet vehicles and no emissions to be smelt as the public browsed Electric and Hybrid vehicles from Nissan, Toyota, Renault, Vauxhall ...

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Another electric car about to arrive in the Strettons.

Well, it’s been 8 months since my new, electric car, the BMW i3 Rex was ordered – does it really take that long for most other vehicles to be delivered? In fact such has been the popularity of BMW’s first electric car, they have doubled production to stop the order book getting even longer. I’ve ...

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We Support Acton Scott Solar Farm

Stretton Climate Care supports the proposed Solar Farm at Henley near Acton Scott. In principle we believe this and similar schemes are vital to expand the development of renewable energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are contributing to climate change. The Acton Scott proposal has been carefully drawn up and the accompanying landscape assessment ...

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Our Forest Garden

Two of the Stretton Climate Care members have their very own Forest Garden. Once established a Forest Garden is a low maintenance sustainable system. It can provide owners with fruit, perennial vegetables, shrubs, and herbs. Mixing these foods and plants in a way that will mimic the structure of a natural forest provides sustainability. Read more

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    • In the other vote this week, Nissan Leaf won by a single seat over the BMW i3 - see http://t.co/iVu2zzM2uB // posted on 20/09/2014
  • I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy - what a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that Thomas Edison, 1931
  • Shropshire will be recognised as a leader in responding to climate change Shropshire Council Core Strategy, page 26
  • The trouble with Americans is that they haven't read the minutes of the previous meeting. Adlai Stevenson