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Acton Scott – Another NIMBY Decision

"Stretton Climate Care regrets profoundly the decision of Shropshire Council to refuse planning permission for a solar farm at Henley. We believe that this proposal offered a good opportunity to expand the provision of renewable energy in the area, on a site that provided no visual intrusion to the Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty, which we all ...

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THE RESULTS ARE IN - and the winner is...(drumroll etc etc) - ALISON ROAD! Although to be fair, everyone's a winner, because each one of the 629 energy saving measures adopted by the folk of the Battlefield estate in Stretton will have saved them money, improved their health or quality of life and reduced their impact ...

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Acton Scott 2 – Our Submission in Support

As we supported the earlier scheme for a solar farm at Acton Scott, it will come as no surprise that we support this reduced scheme .  We give below the full text of our submission to the Planning Committee.  The application will be heard either in early February or March.   Comments on Proposed Solar Farm at ...

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Solar Farms – the Full Text

Our Vice-Chair wrote a personal open letter to MP Philip Dunne that was quoted in much truncated form in the Shropshire Star of 9 December.  As the Shropshire Star chose to draw attention to his position within Stretton Climate Care we think it important that the full text is made available on this website. Solar Farms - ...

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Nissan’s New Electric Van Reviewed

Nissan's eNV-200 all-electric van is based upon the tried and tested (and amazingly smooth) Nissan Leaf and offers a class-leading 4.2 cubic metres of space and a load capacity of 703kg (they don't say what disaster occurs if you load 704kg in it). So we gave it a trial run... On first sight, it looks pretty much ...

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Solar Farms: The Letter & Photo the Shropshire Star Wouldn’t Publish

Last week one of our executive members wrote a personal letter to the Shropshire Star, who chose not to publish it.  He also sent a photo they might care to use showing how solar farms can continue existing farming practice whilst also providing almost zero carbon electricity.  Unlike the Shropshire Star, we do think it worth publishing,  so here ...

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The moment  flash floods in Ludlow took away a bridge and a house

Shropshire Prepares for Climate Change Disasters

Whilst many in Shropshire - even the odd MP in the north of the county - deny it's happening, Shropshire's  community, health and emergency services are preparing themselves for the worst of climate change.  The biggest disaster will be when - not if - the Ironbridge Gorge collapses into the Severn, but other issues associated with ...

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