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Drax Pulls Out of “Unviable” Carbon Capture Project. This is Very Bad..

As further evidence of the degree of uncertainty among investors caused by the Government's raft of announcements pulling back on renewable and green energy development, Drax power company announced on Friday that it will pull out of the “White Rose” carbon capture scheme for which it had received a £220million grant a year ago. Drax say they will complete the ...

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Renewables – UK Drops Out of Top Ten

The UK has dropped out of the top ten places to invest in renewables according to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. This index ranks 40 countries every three months on the attractiveness of their renewable energy investment and deployment opportunities, based on a number of macro, energy market and technology-specific indicators. The USA tops the list, ...

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Obama Tells it Like it is

Climate change is happening now, and the human race is causing most of it. That is not opinion, it's fact. The rest is politics.  So says President Obama, announcing the Clean Power Plan for America.  What a shame our own government is abandoning its leading position at the very moment the rest of the world is ...

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They Won’t Thank You

People, we know would rather not think about climate change; but they also don't want to appear stupid, or selfish, or misinformed, so they will take a stance that appears to be rational and informed but rejects the notion of climate change or its implications. The most popular denial is that the climate is always changing, the implication ...

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Short-sighted Government ‘Giving the Wrong Message’ over Renewables

We in Stretton Climate Care have responded in strong terms to government consultations on the latest proposals to undermine renewable energy provision.  We are very disappointed with the number of initiatives the government has pursued which will inevitably result in increased carbon emissions from fossil fuels, and nudge people into thinking that cutting carbon emissions is ...

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Pension Funds are Getting out of Big Carbon

We all know that Governments don't look much past the next election, hence our current government's strange behaviour in the run-up to the Paris climate change talks.  However, the pensions industry has a thirty year horizon, and fund managers are talking about decarbonising their portfolios.  The Swedish public pension fund Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4) sought to mitigate the climate-related risk ...

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Have a laugh, but think about this..

In 2013, comedian-musician Tim Minchin addressed graduates at the University of Western Australia where he was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree. Minchin is a graduate of UWA.  His speech is optimistic, witty, irreverent and telling; especially his  comment 7.33 minutes into this speech, when he says "The idea that many Australians...believe that ...

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